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When I read about the voices in Fred’s writings, I understood why I found several Walkman radios hidden within his drawers. It most likely had something to do with the voices that tortured him. By placing the Walkmans under his clothing in the corners, he must have been trying to silence them.
According to the researchers, approximately five per cent of us hear voices in the head, even if otherwise healthy. This number is based on research from several countries and surveys. For their own research, Kompus and her team used local media in Bergen to call for people who hear voices. The results were overwhelming, with around 30 people getting in touch with the researchers to register for the study.


The term was coined by psychologist Julian Jaynes, who presented the idea in his 1976 book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, wherein he made the case that a bicameral mentality, that is to say a mental state in which there are two distinct…

ISP is one of the scariest things that people can experience, involving senses of paralysis, pressure on the chest, hallucinatory figures and noises, and it is not surprising that it has been associated with all sorts of supernatural and paranormal beliefs from ghosts, to witchcraft assaults, demonic possession, the work of fairies and other petty supernaturals, to their latest interpretation as alien abductors. (For an example of such an experience interpreted in UFO terms see Visions of the Night.)
It shows there’s some truth to that aphorism that the eyes are windows into the soul—although, what they’ve shown is that the eyes are really windows into our minds and whether or not we have one.

Disponibilité gratuite, sur Internet, de l’album “Vortex of the trash”, par un quartet américain ayant choisi de se baptiser : The Julian Jaynes.

Enregistré en avril 2009 au studios Thinking Dogs à Houston au Texas, l’album consiste en quatre mouvements de plus de 10 mn chacun, du jazz-rock improvisé à base de claviers et de saxophone ("Instrumental, Improvizational Jam Band with loads of Saxophone and Organ").

Le titre “Vortex of the trash” fait référence à l’impressionnante masse de déchets qui flotte librement dans l’océan Pacifique depuis des années, loin des yeux des consommateurs que nous sommes (

Le groupe The Julian Jaynes indique comme influences, sur son MySpace : "Psychology, sociology, philosophy, theology, conciousness, bicameralism, ancient literature, felines, monkeys, alligators, theatre, cave art, neuroscience, ritual, The Pixies."

Album à télécharger gratuitement, format MP3, sur cette page :

Le MySpace du groupe The Julian Jaynes:

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Rapide interview avec Kurk Suddreath, qui joue des percussions dans le groupe : (où l’on apprend qu’il joue aussi dans un groupe baptisé “I am Mesmer” !).