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The crimes commited by Wall Street are just that: crimes.

Tom Morello ‘The Fabled City’ at Occupy Wall Street (par RollingStone)

The Rage Against the Machine guitarist went on to perform a four-song set for hundreds of onlookers, including a poignant, protester-fueled rendition of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land.” (via Tom Morello at Occupy Wall Street: ‘Take It Easy, but Take It’ | Music News | Rolling Stone)

Arguably the most provocative band of the last 20 years, Rage Against The Machine have since their explosive debut, been the group most associated with the American protest movement. This film dissects the work and career of RATM and looks at their place in this always fascinating lineage of artists and performers who have spoken out on behalf of, and drawn attention to, the world’s marginalised, downtrodden and oppressed. 

Rage Against The Machine - Revolution In The Head And The Art Of Protest (via SeeOfSound)

Tom Morello plays Guerrilla Radio as the Nightwatchman in support of 10 people on a water-only hunger fast to fight for the right of Disney Resort area hotel workers to a contract with affordable health care benefits.

Tom Morello Guerrilla Radio @ Disney Hotel Workers Rally Anaheim 02-13-10 (via dpalabraz)