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Field of Dunes in the Proctor Crater. Hundreds of black-sand dunes have accumulated on the floor of this crater. In the winter, ice covers these dunes, creating a stark contrasting tone.

(via NASA’s Mars Photography | New Republic)

I think that with music school and art school, or school in any form, there has to be some system of grading and measurement. The things they can teach you are quantifiable. While all that is good and has its place, at some point you have to learn all you can and then forget everything that you learned in order to actually start making music.

"Toute création intellectuelle s’enracine dans un fonds pré-existant de notions, d’idées et de références pré-existantes qui en forment la trame et que le créateur va synthétiser et « précipiter » pour produire son oeuvre, en leur imprimant une marque particulière. Chaque écrivain, chaque peintre, chaque musicien est profondément tributaire des créateurs qui l’ont précédé et toute oeuvre par définition peut être considérée comme un remix."

"I think you are, in many ways, the things that you like, and you try to be those things that you like, and I’ve always be particularly fond of music. (…) Before I learned to read, I was singing traditional songs, I think that music got my soul before education even got near me."

Kate Bush talks to zoologist Dr. Desmond Morris (par KateBushvideos)

« Je suis aussi intriguée par les représentations de la femme dans Playboy que je le suis quand je vois des femmes dans Elle. » (via Femme/Objet : les photomontages de Linder, artiste radicale | On est là pour voir | Rue89 Les blogs)

"I suppose the thing that attracted me to him as a lyricist, is, a combination of humour and truthfull observation. And I think, I might be wrong, but… a spiritual curiosity." (Bono)

"Charles’s lyrics… the way he… the permutations that he created within the different subjects that he dealt with… were so unusual. It was the sense of imagination, and I use imagination not lightly, not in terms of it being a fantasy, which much people define imagination as, but being able to understand the infinities of something, and how these infinities illuminate the subject." (David Bowie)

The Pixies - ‘Gouge’ (2002 Documentary - Full Show) (par scalagreen20)

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Kate Bush, Never for Ever, artwork

Ignorance, fanaticism and cruelty. The three prediluvian monsters - man’s soul eaters that, though slowly shrinking from the few and feeble attacks of poor humanity, still loom large over the entrance to the temple of human happiness. - A remarkable drawing - By J. M. de Aragon

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Marijuana stimulates people to want to talk and express their internal states of consciousness regarding spirituality, philosophy and religion, and this is the primary evidence that specific cannabinoids are entheogenic in nature. In conjunction with this, evidence is now also showing that an increase in these four mental / emotional functions leads to an increase in creativity. (via Worth Repeating: Marijuana, Mysticism and Radical Freedom - Toke of the Town)